Online Hypnotherapy

RTT therapists have been pioneers in remote therapy, as we have been coached since the beginning of our training by Marisa Peer to perform powerful transformative online sessions with our clients. Working online is part of our normal routine, and proven as effective as in person.

Online sessions represent half of my RTT appointments up to now. If distance or any conditions are preventing you from being at my office for a session, rest assured that online hypnotherapy is as effective as an on-site session.

The only difference will be the absence of any therapeutic touch. When working live with a client, with their permission, most of the times I will lightly touch their forehead and hands, but otherwise the technique is the same and so are the results.

What you need for an online session:

A reliable high-speed internet connection, a computer with microphone and webcam, a quiet and comfortable space for your privacy. You will be sent a Zoom link, follow the instructions to access the meeting room.

Please read On-site Hypnotherapy for details about the session.