The past 20 years of my life have been dedicated to allowing a higher consciousness in my normal daily experiences through the teachings of various mentors and methods, and also tuning into my own Inner Voice, or Consciousness, to move forward with more awareness. There is no doubt to me that our Mind is controlling most of our reality through its own interpretation of the life events we are exposed to. It is of major importance to understand the power of this amazing and often misused tool, which does not have to be our master, but more an active and playful helper.

RTT brings to light the root cause of why people are stuck with unwanted behaviors that are keeping them away from a happier life experience.  Reframing, changing the interpretation of these root causes is how I guide the clients towards new choices that will replace their previous limiting belief systems, and support them in anchoring new choices in their life.

Having received my RTT training from Marisa Peer herself, I am glad to say each time I use the technique, I am amazed at its potency and the fact that it allows my clients to reconnect with their inner power, gain more wellness, and thus regain what is the birthright of everyone, a happy fulfilling life.

This technique has been available to a larger audience since only a few years. I am happy to be offering RTT sessions either in person in Chicoutimi and Montréal, or via Zoom/Skype, wherever you are on the planet.


A bit of my road map

Here is an overview of my trainings, personal interests, etc.

  • Certified Symbolic and Ritual intervention, université du Québec à Chicoutimi;
  • Shamanic studies and energy healing technique, Québec;
  • Certified teacher for the Crimson Circle, Colorado, Ontario and Québec;
  • Certified teacher for NewBreath, (Breath of Compassion) Colorado and Québec;
  • Craniosacral biodynamic registered practitioner, Montréal;
  • RTT Los Angeles, certified therapist, advanced clinical therapist;
  • Certified Hypnotherapist IACT;