The Collective

The Collective is a group of non-physical teachers, transmitting through Annie. They are dedicated to walking with us on the awakening path. Sharing their views and wisdom with us, their compassionate guidance is a heart-warming, gently nudging us to move beyond our conditionings, inviting us to be what we truly are.

They discuss topics such as consciousness, awareness, presence, what is love, what is being inclusive, etc.  They tackle several topics dear to humans these days such as  health, life passion, fear, anxiety, what’s next, how we can be still in the midst of chaos, etc.

-You will find them here as “guests” on the Jess Lively Podcast series, “The Lively Show”, and also in direct message recordings shared by Annie on their Facebook page, The Collective with Annie.

-Schedule your live online private session with The Collective. Connect with their wisdom and energy to get clarity and a new perspective on your own journey. Their energies are very supportive of your transformation. 30 minutes/100$CAD + taxes. 

Email Annie to book your session.

Podcasts list: