Psoriasis and Crohn’s disease

I heard about Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) through Jess Lively’s podcasts and videos on Youtube by Marisa Peer, the creator of this therapy. I had already tried several methods to deal with certain situations that were bothering me, but the results were temporary. I listened to my intuition, did some research and decided to do an RTT session with Annie Francoeur. One of the things I wanted to do was fix a skin problem (psoriasis) and Crohn’s disease.  

The session went well, a lot of negative emotions came out. I was exhausted after the session, and the following days. Annie explained to me that all this was normal, because I was cleaning my subconscious from what bothered me. In the following day I received a transformative recording that supported and speeded up the process. I quickly realized that our mind is very powerful and that it is possible to feed it positive beliefs, contrary to what we usually do. I also understood that in fact, we created these limits unconsciously because of situations that occurred to us in the past, words uttered by those around us, etc. and that it is just as easy to get rid of them as we have created them.

In a short time, I saw a very nice improvement with my skin and stomach aches. I also saw a very big improvement with a negative emotion that I had been experiencing for a very long time and I think this is what makes me the happiest! I quickly stopped being frustrated or anxious about situations or people. Through this session, I realized that the reason for my problems was not really people, but my beliefs, due to things that had happened in my past.

Today I have the tools to deal with the different situations that arise in my life and I am sincerely grateful to Annie for accompanying me in this process. She is caring and truly seeks to help people. Thank you so much Annie :)!

​Pooja Dhanak

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