I happily share here the result of my hypnotherapy session taken recently with Mrs. Annie Francoeur.

On a referral from a very dear friend, I made an appointment because I have had problems with claustrophobia since about two years. I knew (after taking a lot of information) that hypnosis would be very beneficial in my situation.

Obviously, one must want to get rid of this paralyzing handicap very strongly.

Whether it was in an elevator, underground parking, in a car wash and even going for an MRI, I suffocated to the point of not being able to continue to move forward…

This great discomfort totally ruined my life, so I decided to seek help to improve my quality of life….

Think about this: With only one meeting with Annie, plus the 21 days of listening to my tailor-made self-hypnosis recording, my life has returned to normal, it’s almost incredible! But one obviously has to be very receptive, wanting deeply to impact their life. So, treat yourself to this amazing method, it truly is a life-changing gift for yourself!!!

M. Saguenay

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