I happily share here the result of my hypnotherapy session taken recently with Mrs. Annie Francoeur.

On a referral from a very dear friend, I made an appointment because I have had problems with claustrophobia since about two years. I knew (after taking a lot of information) that hypnosis would be very beneficial in my situation.

Obviously, one must want to get rid of this paralyzing handicap very strongly.

Whether it was in an elevator, underground parking, in a car wash and even going for an MRI, I suffocated to the point of not being able to continue to move forward…

This great discomfort totally ruined my life, so I decided to seek help to improve my quality of life….

Think about this: With only one meeting with Annie, plus the 21 days of listening to my tailor-made self-hypnosis recording, my life has returned to normal, it’s almost incredible! But one obviously has to be very receptive, wanting deeply to impact their life. So, treat yourself to this amazing method, it truly is a life-changing gift for yourself!!!

M. Saguenay

Hi Annie, 
I had to take this time to thank you: It feels as though my 2 RTT sessions with you were done foreseeing a pandemic! I am spending my days at home with the kids, working only for emergencies, so really not a lot. I remain very calm, serene even, and do not fear lacking money. I believe we nailed it with the sessions! I am enjoying every little bit of life. 
Thanks so much, have a wonderful day!

Psoriasis and Crohn’s disease

I heard about Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) through Jess Lively’s podcasts and videos on Youtube by Marisa Peer, the creator of this therapy. I had already tried several methods to deal with certain situations that were bothering me, but the results were temporary. I listened to my intuition, did some research and decided to do an RTT session with Annie Francoeur. One of the things I wanted to do was fix a skin problem (psoriasis) and Crohn’s disease.  

The session went well, a lot of negative emotions came out. I was exhausted after the session, and the following days. Annie explained to me that all this was normal, because I was cleaning my subconscious from what bothered me. In the following day I received a transformative recording that supported and speeded up the process. I quickly realized that our mind is very powerful and that it is possible to feed it positive beliefs, contrary to what we usually do. I also understood that in fact, we created these limits unconsciously because of situations that occurred to us in the past, words uttered by those around us, etc. and that it is just as easy to get rid of them as we have created them.

In a short time, I saw a very nice improvement with my skin and stomach aches. I also saw a very big improvement with a negative emotion that I had been experiencing for a very long time and I think this is what makes me the happiest! I quickly stopped being frustrated or anxious about situations or people. Through this session, I realized that the reason for my problems was not really people, but my beliefs, due to things that had happened in my past.

Today I have the tools to deal with the different situations that arise in my life and I am sincerely grateful to Annie for accompanying me in this process. She is caring and truly seeks to help people. Thank you so much Annie :)!

​Pooja Dhanak


From Insomnia to Sleep

Insomnia had been part of my nights since the last 18 months. I have tried several ways to stop this problem, from taking various over-the-counter or prescribed medications to making my way towards essential oils, relaxation, yoga, breathing techniques, etc. but nothing had the desired effect: my nights were dotted with long-lasting waking times and my days were the living results of this.

I had already consulted in hypnotherapy but not RTT, so having no more resources I decided to take an appointment with Annie to solve this persistent problem.

The effect was instantaneous! From the first night I slept like I hadn’t for a long time. Of course, I had a few brief relapses, but so very few. It’s been a little over two months since I had this RTT session and I no longer take any medication to fall asleep or to stay asleep. From now on, no more techniques are needed to promote my sleep.

The session allowed me to understand what part of me, unconsciously needed to stay awake, and to “make a deal” with the insomnia. It was a nice surprise for me and this awareness helped me to accept myself in a better way, to listen to my needs and respect them to the best of my abilities.

My only regret is not consulting earlier!

Madeleine, from Quebec

Trigger-finger healed with Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy:

I want to reiterate my confidence in your work. In 2017, you gave me a craniosacral therapy session to which I devoted my full attention and inner presence to heal the pain I had been feeling from a trigger-finger, and awaiting for surgery. 

After this session I never felt the pain again, did not need the surgery, so much so that I had even forgotten this uncomfortable episode of my life until I wrote this testimonial.

Thank you for your energy and your love of the human kind; I wish to meet you again for these qualities of great importance to me.


Releasing unwanted behaviors.

Curiosity led me to RTT Rapid Transformation Therapy, along with a desire to transform certain feelings.  

Reaching the hypnotic trance was rather quick and the scenes from the past surfaced quite naturally. Annie has an effective knowledge to guide reflection, and offers solutions for inner transformation.

The state of hypnosis induced during the session allowed me to realize when, in my past, some behaviors became rooted in my subconscious mind, and then understand how to transform them. The power of the mind is grand. After one RTT session, consciously and knowingly, I was able to better manage some emotions.

Under hypnosis, I felt awake, present, in control of my actions and speech, with the ability to bring forth elements of my past.

Quickly in my daily life there was a noticeable improvement in the behaviors for which I came to see Annie for an RTT session. I would recommend to anyone wishing to improve or change certain behaviors or emotions to attend one or more RTT sessions with Annie Francoeur.   I got a very good follow-up from her. It’s useful and reassuring in those times when you feel you’re changing, and things might be a little bit disconcerting. The results are faster with RTT than with conventional therapy, and the changes keeps on adding positively during the following months.  

H., France

No more jaw-clenching – What a beautiful transformation!

I wanted to try RTT hypnosis in order to resolve some physical health issues.   Previously, I had tried several methods that helped me in some way, but didn’t really work as I would have wished.

With her kindness, her attentive listening, her openness and her professionalism, Annie helped me to revisit scenes of my past where I misinterpreted words, situations and behaviors, as children do, resulting for me in a lack of self-confidence, making me doubt myself.

With this RTT session, my jaw-clenching problems completely disappeared, and I also felt a great soothing of my gastric issues.  I am much more aware of my self-worth, I have confidence in my inner resources, and this leads me to stand for my limits and take better care of myself.

With this one session, in addition to the 3 weeks of listening to my personal recording, I saw a transformation.  As if it was a bit magical!  It’s amazing to feel how powerful the subconscious mind can be!  I still listen to my recording regularly.  It calms me down, it brings me back to the essential of my being, it feels so good.

Annie is a wonderful, caring person and one can feel her desire to help others free themselves from negative behaviors.

I highly recommend her work to anyone wanting a rapid and beneficial change in their life.

​Helene, Saguenay

I was curious about this therapy, I had experienced hypnosis, but not this specific approach.

Annie leads the session with respect and I could trust her. She knows how to demonstrate to the client the power of our mind. Under hypnosis, I felt very good, relaxed. Subsequently, in terms of general results, I felt more confident, had less anxiety.

Annie knows how to listen, and accompanies us wonderfully. I would definitely recommend working with Annie and the RTT method.

Also, listening to the transformation recording made especially for me during the session became kind of a need for me; listening to it strengthened my mind and being one day after the other. It’s amazing to feel the change, to experience oneself  with this new state of mind. Wow! Thank you!

Linda, Chicoutimi