Hypnotherapy, in person or online

Free yourself from unwanted emotions and behaviours using the Power of your Subconscious Mind

Integrative hypnotherapy  allows to rapidly identify behaviours responsible for disruptive emotions or habits, and to replace them with your new life choices.  Combining techniques of conscious integration and conversational hypnosis, my method supports and guides you in a personal journey leading to new potentials, may they be more freedom, health, acceptance and self-esteem, creativity, balance, and more.  It is my true joy to walk with you towards more wellbeing, either in person at my office, or online using Zoom. Note that both manners offer the same power of transformation.

Integrative hypnotherapy helps you to:

  • Quiet down anxiety
  • Release phobias, fears
  • Experience a better, deeper sleep
  • Let go of guilt, shame and disruptive emotions.
  • Become calmer and more focused for exams, interviews, public speaking, etc.
  • Alleviate compulsions
  • Engage with new life choices

Investing in a session:

  • A free discovery call, about 20 minutes on Zoom or phone, to clarify your goals, answer your questions, see if we are a fit.

  • The session: 90 to 120 minutes of Integrative Hypnotherapy .

  • A personal recording, custom-made for you to support your transformation.

  • Two 20 minute follow-up calls, around day 7 and 21 after the session, to help you strengthen your transformation and give you clarity on the unfolding process.

Integrative Hypnotherapy package: $400 + TPS 5% TVQ 9.75%

Receipt available with the label of Naturotherapy or Hypnotherapy. 

NA-5882 ANQ. Contact me if you need a payment plan.